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Hillier Consulting

Communications and corporate affairs strategy, crisis communications and reputation management.

Hillier Consulting provides leadership in corporate communications, crisis preparedness and management, media handling and change programme design and delivery.

With expertise in central and local government, public and private sectors, Hillier Consulting devises communications strategies and campaigns for business development, transition and transformation. Proven leadership in crisis management; expertise in stakeholder engagement and successful guidance of influential partnerships means game-changing results. Hillier Consulting delivers successful outcomes on budget and on time. Every time.

Interim leadership solutions

Programme and project design and management

Multi platform campaigns

Communications and corporate affairs strategy


Communications expertise

Hillier Consulting provides strategic counsel in communications and corporate affairs. Extensive experience at the highest levels of government and the public sector is balanced by c-suite expertise in business and large corporations.

The firm has delivered successful outcomes across a range of sectors including infrastructure engineering; energy, mining and minerals; security and policing; healthcare; business and professional services; and charities.

Called upon by CEOs and legal teams to consult on confidential and sensitive matters, the firm is adept at managing complex and challenging issues.

We thrive on complexity and challenge. Our success is as often about what doesn’t make the headlines as what does. Precision, discretion, integrity, flair and trust are hallmarks of what we do.


C-suite experience across a range of sectors

Hillier Consulting’s extensive board level and operational management experience in central and local government, government agencies, departments and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) is balanced by communications and corporate affairs success with large corporates, not-for-profits, SMEs and professional services.

With a record of success in fields as varied as Formula 1 motor sport, nuclear, fossil fuel and renewable energy, policing and security, urban renewal and social policy, healthcare and sheltered housing, Hillier Consulting offers expert advice and ‘real-world’ solutions.

Central and local government and the public sector

Government & Public Sector

With notable social policy and legislative successes, Hillier Consulting delivers in Whitehall, amongst NDPBs and in local government.

Sizewell B nuclear power station

Energy & Resources

Significant communications and engagement experience in nuclear, fossil-fuel and renewable energy generation and power distribution.

Thorngate Living

Charities & Not for Profit

Setting new standards in integrated marketing, web, business development and communications solutions for budget conscious charities.

Business and Professional Services

Business & Professional Services

SMEs, large complex businesses and professional firms – Hillier Consulting delivers bespoke solutions. Every time.

Infrastructure, mining and minerals

Infrastructure, Mining & Minerals

Sophisticated PR planning for fossil fuel extraction, to rare-earth metals; road building to railways; power stations to schools.

Security and policing

Security & Policing

Delivering UK policing strategy pilot schemes, crisis management, community engagement and major anti-crime initiatives.


Leadership in communications and corporate affairs

Hillier Consulting synchronises communications, PR, marketing and corporate affairs, maximising efficiency and impact. Social media, integral to communications planning, links policies, themes, markets and stakeholders, ensuring effective, instantaneous and global engagement.

Scanning the horizon, we ensure that tactical flexibility within our communication strategies enables us to identify and take advantage of emerging opportunities and move quickly to head off threats to corporate reputation; essential in a world of always-on 24/7 news.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Hillier Consulting manages PR, consultation and engagement for complex political and social issues as well as for business.

Crisis and major incident management

Crisis Management

Proven in emergency planning and crisis management, we offer communications countermeasures to reputational risk.

Public and government affairs

Public & Government Affairs

Insider knowledge and hands-on expertise in the workings of central and local government underpins our effectiveness.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholder Management

Sophisticated management of stakeholder identification, targeting, engagement, conversation, consultation and influencing.



From strategy and concept, through planning copywriting and production to media buying – a complete creative service.

Media relations

Media Relations

Widely acknowledged expertise in media training and managing the corporate narrative for print, broadcast and online news. 24/7.


Hillier Consulting works with government, major corporations, public sector, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. We can partner you as a consultant, project or programme lead, or for longer and turn-key assignments we can provide highly qualified, experienced interim solutions.

Get in touch and find out how Hillier Consulting can help your organisation.

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Hillier Consulting

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