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Suite of publications produced for housing and care charity | 06 June 2018

Suite of publications produced for housing and care charity

Hillier Consulting today launches its new range of literature for the housing and care charity, Thorngate Churcher Trust. The suite of residents' handbooks and prospectuses reinforce the charity's website, also produced and managed by Hillier Consulting over the past six years.

Hillier Consulting has designed, edited and produced the new range of four separate, but complementary, publications which together provide comprehensive information to residents and prospective residents of Thorngate Living's sheltered housing schemes and its residential care home, Russell Churcher Court. The original photography featured throughout the handbooks and brochures was taken by Hiller Consulting.

The theme for the new range of literature follows that established by the charity's 2017 annual report. Delivered in October 2017, the annual report focusses on the people at the centre of Thorngate Living and again features bold new photography directed and shot by Hillier Consulting.

Andrew Hillier said on the issue of the new publications today: "Too often publications in the sheltered housing and care sector use tired and cliched stock images to illustrate their own communities and the dedicated teams who work in them. It is far better to accurately represent the staff and the residents in their daily lives and give a flavour of the communities they build together. Whilst it takes time and patience to collate a series of suitable portraits, the results have depth and integrity, delivering credibility and realism on the page."

Andrew continued: "Whilst most of the Trust's communication is now online, there remains a case for professionally designed, written and produced printed publications. Hillier Consulting has managed Thorngate Churcher Trust's communications, marketing, advertising PR and crisis management for over six years now and the range of brochures and annual report featuring our photography is a fitting finale to our work for the Trust."