Crisis Management

Managing messaging for complex, fast-developing corporate threats and reputational issues whilst ensuring strategic implications of high-pressure decisions don’t compromise an organisation’s future stability, is a critical communications skill.

The violent murder of a London head teacher by one of his pupils; managing media during the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales; deadly outbreaks of EHV 1; allegations of public sector

fraud and gerrymandering – all handled successfully by Hillier Consulting.

With social media driving real-time global streaming of information, live video reaches millions online before corporate newsrooms and communications teams can establish facts and consider a response.

Preparing for, and preventing, a crisis by habitually scanning the horizon to identify emerging issues and potential risks before they are fully-formed is the smart approach to crisis management.

Hillier Consulting crisis management

Hillier Consulting helps organisations prepare and train for a crisis, ensuring smart communications protect and enhance corporate reputation.